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Seeking to begin your career in the Web Development field?

Join PHP Training in Noida and learn the skills that are required for Web Development and broaden your career opportunities.

PHP is preferred and admired server-side scripting language that is used predominantly in creating websites. PHP has gained significance due to the features offered by PHP. It has enhanced security, affordability, and faster turn-around time. PHP is the most preferred programming language among Website Developers. Because of the plethora of benefits of the scripting language, several online businesses like Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia, and Flickr use this scripting language.

Besides those online websites, PHP is used in the Research, Banking, and e-commerce sites as well. PHP is primarily used in creating dynamic websites. Also, PHP can be used as an interface to connect the Database. Join PHP Training in Noida at ICONIC ACADEMIC and learn the course professionally under the guidance of industry experts.

Who can learn the PHP Course?

Learning PHP Course is useful for the following professionals.
  • UI Developers
  • HTML and Java Developers
  • Administrator and Database Developers.

Also, there are no such requirements to learn this language. Anyone who wants to begin their career in the IT or Web Development field can opt for this course. If one has prior knowledge in the HTML, Internet, and Database, and any other programming language would make you understand the course easier. PHP Training in Noida at ICONIC ACADEMIC provides holistic training of the Web development and PHP concepts from the basics clearly to the students. The Trainers imbibe the necessary professional skills that are required for a PHP developer to equip themselves in a work environment.

Best PHP and MySQL Training Center and Institute in Noida, 100% JOB Oriented Classes PHP is an open source server-side scripting language used for building dynamic websites. It stands for Personal Homepage. Its uses can be highly seen in websites with online forms, which needs interaction with servers. PHP can be embedded into HTML and can also be attached as an external script file to a webpage.

Who can take this course?

Freshers (BE, BTech, BSc, BCA, MSc, MCA & any other graduates*) and designers who want to make career as a web developer, Front End Developer, User Interface (UI) Engineer, User Interface (UI) Developer, HTML/CSS Developer, Web Application Developers. A web designer who wants to improve his developer skills can also take up this course.

PHP Course

  • Pre-Requisite
  • CSS/CSS3
  • Javascript



  • History Of PHP
  • Scope Of PHP
  • Open Source Technology
  • PHP & MySQL Installation
  • Project Setup


Intermediate PHP

  • Programming Basics
  • Variables & Datatypes
  • Array Functions
  • Building & Formatting Dates And Times
  • Server And Request Variables
  • Global And Static Variables

Object-oriented Programming In PHP

  • Concepts and Basics Of Oops
  • Classes
  • Class Methods
  • Instances Of Classes
  • Class Properties
  • Inheritance
  • Access Modifiers


Files and Directories

  • File System Basics
  • File Permissions
  • PHP Permissions
  • Accessing, Writing And Deleting Files
  • File Pointers
  • Reading And Examining Files
  • Working With Directories
  • Viewing Directories
  • Creating Log File Assignment & Solution


Important Classes

  • The User Class
  • Creating And Updating Users
  • Deleting Users
  • Abstracting Table Name & Attributes
  • Finding Database Attributes
  • The Photograph Class
  • Coding Photograph Class
  • Saving, Uploading And Listing
  • Photographs


PHP & File Uploads

  • Configuring PHP For Uploads
  • Sending File As Form Data
  • Inspecting Uploaded Files
  • Error Checking
  • Pagination
  • Concepts Of Pagination
  • Limit, Offset & Count
  • Pagination Variables
  • Pagination Class
  • Paginating Photograph
  • Paginating Links


PHP Email Sending

  • Sending Email
  • Headers
  • Reviewing SMTP
  • PHP Mailer
  • Building Notifications
  • Php with Mysql
  • Insert Records
  • Update Records
  • Delete Records
  • Project in PHP



  • Getting customer’s requirements
  • Preparing database and business logics
  • Developing application
  • Testing and implementing the project


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